• Start a new business with classified advertisement app

    Beautiful mobile app for starting your classified advertisement business.

Are you thinking of starting a classified advertisement business?

If you are looking to start a mobile app business then we have the right solution for you.
This is a ready-made classified mobile application for Android and iOS which you can publish straight away and start your own classified ad business.
No programming skills required, we provide website and apps, you can just focus on your marketing and branding.

What is a classified mobile app?

Classified mobile app software is used for the users to buy and sell their products. Users can register with the app and then they can post their ads through their mobile phones. To post an ad they just have to take a picture of the product, add product description, set pricing and submit to list for sale. The product will be displayed on the app so other people can see and contact with the seller to buy the product. The role of this app here is to make links between buyers and sellers.

How you can start?

You can buy the app from us and run as your own for the lifetime. It is our responsibility to develop the app, keep updating and upgrading to make it standout. You don’t have to worry about app development, you only focus on your marketing, branding etc. and run a successful business.

How you can generate money from it?

You can use various money generating options from this app. For example you can charge the advertisers for posting ads, to make an ad featured, urgent or vip. You can also put google ads and generate money from app visits by the users.

Download demo app

This is a native app, not hybrid

As this is a native app, it runs fast on both Android and iOS devices. It runs smoothly no matter how many listings you have.

Osclass backend

The app uses osclass backend so you can use your existing osclass website or create a new site in minutes for free.

Map and geolocation

The classified ads can be viewed on the map, users can view their nearest ads through the map.

Easy to publish

After your order we will build the app using your preferences so you can just publish on the app market straight away.

What happens after you buy the app?

Once you purchase the app we will build the app for you manually based on your app name choice, colour theme, your logo and splash screen. Then we will send you the ready to publish app, so you can easily publish your app onto the app market.

We will give you all the information and support to publish your app on the marketplace. There are no pre-requirements, you don’t need any technical experience either. We have our dedicated support team to help you get going smoothly.

Our support and tutorials are included with the price.

We regret to inform you that we have decided to close down Classifapp. No further orders will be taken.

This website is for sale! We are looking for a buyer who is willing to take over our entire classifapp app development business and continue further development and give support to our old customers. If you are interested, please contact us.