How to stop spam registration on osclass site?

You might see a lot of spam registrations and wonder how can you prevent them. Here are two steps that you can take to stop spam registration.


Open your browser and go to

Click on “Register a new site” button. Select reCAPTCHA v2 and select Checkbox option. Enter your domain name, accept the terms of service, click on “Register” button.

Open a new browser tab window and log in to Go to Settings > Spam and bot.

From the Google site copy Site key and Secret key and paste on osclass page.

Click on Save changes.


Now your registration page will show reCAPTHCA which will prevent some spammers.


Ban spam email addresses

Sometimes you might see a lot of spam registrations from certain email types. For example .ru emails are used a lot for auto registration. These are Russian email addresses, if your website is not targeted to Russia then you can ban these email addresses.

To do that, on your oc-admin go to Users > Ban rules.

Click on “Add New” button. Enter *@*.ru in the E-mail rule. Click on “Add new ban rule” button to save. Now all the emails end with .ru will be banned from registering to your website.


You may also ban yopmail and all the other similar type of emails which are disposable emails. You do not want your users to use a disposable email address to register. For that add a new ban rule *




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