Osclass – Language Installation

How to install additional languages in Osclass?

Osclass supports multi languages. Installing additional languages is very easy. Just download the language file you want to add, then go to your website/oc-admin control panel. Go to Settings > Languages. Click on Add new button and upload the language file.

If the process does not work then you can install the language manually.

Install language manullay

If you get any issues with uploading the language file, you can install them manually. For that please follow these steps:

  1. Download the language file that you want to install
  2. On your hosting control panel (cPanel, Plesk etc.) go to File Manager and browse to this folder: osclass home directory > oc-content > languages
  3. Upload the language file. The language file is a zip file that you will need to unzip. Select the uploaded zip file and click on the Extract Files button to unzip. Once the files are unzipped you can delete the zip file.
  4. From the hosting control panel go to Database phpMyAdmin page, click on the table xx_t_locale (the xx can be any characters). Click on the Copy link on any of the exiting row.
  5. Now you will need to modify the values for the language you uploaded. Below is an example for the Portuguese language. Click on the go button at the bottom of the when you are done.

Download language files

Currently we have supports for these languages for the mobile apps. English, Arabic, German, Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese. If you need supports for any other languages you will need to translate the language file by yourself. Please contact us for more information.